Amrit Singh

Music & Culture Editor and Host, Revolt TV
@amritsingh // Instagram

Watch my Revolt TV intro. It has a good soundtrack.
GQ India's Profile Is Nice (PDF)
A Billboard piece you can read.
The L Magazine Asked About REVOLT; I said some things.

Formerly Executive Editor, // Filmmaker, DOSA HUNT (Trailer) // Esquire
BBC World News (BBC TV)
India Abroad Cover Story (Or, How To Please Indian Parents)
National Public Radio: PRI's The World // WNYC's Soundcheck // KCRW's Good Food
New York Magazine (PDF) // Huffington Post // Tribeca Film Festival // Interview Magazine // The Times Of India (PDF)

"Hate Punk & Kirtan: Musical Overtones In The Wisconsin Sikh Temple Killings"
"Helping Beach House Plead Their Case Against Volkswagen"
"A Farewell To Zebulon, And An Era For Williamsburg"
"The Nine Best Things At Bonnaroo 2013"
"R.I.P. Ravi Shankar: A Remembrance"

Amrit Singh is the On-Air News Anchor, and Music & Culture Editor, of REVOLT TV, the new television network from Sean Combs. At REVOLT, he writes and presents stories and interviews on live television, all day every day, with an emphasis on connecting the dots between music, culture, and news. You can watch this intro to REVOLT, or read pieces in Billboard, The L Magazine, and GQ India for more. Previously, he served as Executive Editor of for nearly eight years, writing and producing the website into a leading voice in independent music. His video journalism has appeared on ABC, MTV, and Fuse. Amrit also served as Editor of the University of Wisconsin International Law Journal, and is a NY State Bar certified attorney, but we try not to remind his father of this. In 2012, Amrit made and appeared in his first film, DOSA HUNT, featuring members of Vampire Weekend, Das Racist, Neon Indian, Yeasayer, and the Vijay Iyer Trio on "The Greatest Hunt For South Indian Food In NYC Ever Committed To Film!" (Here's the trailer, if you're curious.) His speaking engagements and press campaign have connected the film with diverse audiences, film festivals, and media outlets from New York Magazine to BBC TV World News. Amrit has been called a "global citizen to watch" and a "generational voice" by The Huffington Post's Jim Luce, and "an example of how Indian culture gets hybridized" by The World's Marco Werman.
He lives in Los Angeles, and was born in New York City.

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